Any ideas on what the best used Center console is out there? I'm looking to pick up a trailerable unit probably under 25' since my truck only pulls 5000lbs.

I hear Yamaha is the best outboard?

I hear Grady White is the best boat?

I see Mako is pretty affordable.

I read Scout is the most fuel effecient?

Do you know this to be true?

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Comment by Michael Wilkes on March 5, 2012 at 7:57am

I also think it depends on how you plan to fish, offshore or inshore.  I mostly fish inshore and have a 24ft Carolina Skiff with a 130hp Evinrude E-Tech, the boat holds 22 gallons of fuel and I can make 5 five hour trips without fueling up.  I like the E-tech because of the fuel economy and power it offers.  I also use non-ethonol gas. 

Comment by Henry on March 5, 2010 at 6:57pm
There a lot of good boat manufactuers out there. Used boats are a great deal right now, and
getting a deal is pretty easy. I own a Chris Craft, a Triumph and a Custom Offshore center console.
I have owned Sea Ray and McKee Craft also. I really like my Triumph, because of its unique
construction method. If you ever want to see some neat video's, watch their YouTube vid's.
Boston Whalers may be "Unsinkable", but Triumph goes well beyond that. Some boats like the
Grady are built like a tank. Thats good on one hand, but the extra weight can have drawbacks.

I do like Yamaha outboards, and run them on my offshore boat, but the Evenrude 2-strokes are
something I like also. I actually prefer 2-strokes myself, since there are less moving parts, and
in actuality less maintance involved. "Smoke" and "Noise" is really not a big deal on newer motors
as it was with older models.

Economy is not something I would be too concerned with, unless you are running it as a Charter like
myself. The difference in the 4-strokes and 2-strokes when you actually put it on paper is not enough
to justify the inital cost difference. I calculated the fuel savings of putting more fuel efficent 4-strokes
on my offshore boat, and it would not come close to paying for itself over the life of the motor. In
addition it would add several hundred pounds to the boat. The boats weight is perhaps the best way to
give consideration to economy. Lightweight cores and composits allow great strenth as well as keeping
weight down. The Triumph I have is about 30% less weight than other similar fiberglass makes, so a
smaller motor will generate the same performance, with less fuel burnt.

If going for a used boat, which is what I would do, making sure the condition was top notch, and things
like plumbing and electrical componants are in sound order are probably on the top of the list for
priorities. The bells and whistles are nice, but the mechanics are more important.

My 35' offshore center console is a light weight build, and I am able to tow it with my Chevy Tahoe,
having even done so on vacation traveling several hundred miles. I am at 7,500 pounds without fuel
and water aboard. I have seen however, much smaller boats going much heavier. Its all about the
materials used, and overall design. An express or cruiser by nature will weigh a ot more than an
open center console.

Capt. Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing
"Wile E Coyote"

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